Our Guarantee

The Collypto Standard

Our Guarantee: THe Collypto Standard

The Collypto Standard outlines the principles that guide both our strategic initiatives and our daily operations. We showcase them here so that our team members and the public are empowered to hold us legally and morally accountable to the standard we have set. These values are the pillars upon which Collypto is built and emphasize our commitment to maximize accessibility, maintain transparency, and protect the public trust.

Maximize Accessibility

  • We will design our systems, naming conventions, and processes to be as intuitive as possible for non-technical end users.

  • We will never transfer digital assets to a third party without authoritative or legal recourse for recovery.
  • We will provide internal recourse for verified users to recover misplaced or stolen funds, regardless of the amount.
  • We will collateralize the Collypto Index exclusively with highly liquid, publicly traded assets that represent purchasing power.
  • We will never charge fees to conduct user transactions.

Maintain Transparency

  • We will provide users with a current and accurate representation of the collateral composition and equivalent dollar value of a Collypto credit.
  • We will publish a monthly Summary of Holdings on the first business day of every month that contains a complete list of our holdings, including the name, ticker, asset pool percentage, and dollar value of each asset.
  • We will conduct and publish an annual third party audit through a certified accounting firm to verify our stated holdings and credit compositions.
  • We will never employ or retain services from anonymous parties.
  • We will never promise a specific rate of return on credits.

Protect the Public Trust

  • We will maintain 100% reserves in explicitly defined assets to collateralize circulated credits.
  • We will utilize collateral assets  exclusively to collateralize and circulate credits.
  • We will never use collateral assets for other operating expenses.
  • We will never loan collateral assets to third parties.
  • We will never accept kickbacks for selecting specific assets or asset classes for inclusion in the Collypto Index.
  • We will never use our blacklist capriciously. It will only contain addresses belonging to users who have violated our terms of service or are sanctioned by government mandate.
  • We will never sell users’ private information to third parties
  • We will maintain full insurance coverage on the entire asset pool.
  • We will never tolerate, condone, support, or partake in terrorism or terrorist organizations.

  • We will never assume the role of a government.

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