About Us

Collypto was born from the desire to find a reliable store of value in a world where economic volatility is on the rise.  A reliable store of value must effectively be future proof, maintaining both relevance and stability over time. That is what Collypto does. By collateralizing credits with goods that function as staples in society, we ensure that your value is preserved.

We are a fintech company that operates as a private reserve. Our mission is to build a foundation that provides stability for economic growth and facilitates economic parity around the world. It is our belief that equity of opportunity will be the driving force in ensuring that humanity reaches its highest potential. Our vision for Collypto is to function as a global equitable currency that allows users to take ownership of their value, regardless of their geographic location or native currency. The Collypto Standard is our promise to you. It is our operational guide as our business grows and Collypto solidifies its place within the world financial system.

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